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This Help page for the "UTokyo Digital Archive Portal” offers support related to the Portal in general, explaining how to use the Portal for searching, operating environment, etc.

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If you have further questions not explained in the Help page, please send them from the “Contact” page.
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The Portal aggregates the metadata of collections and databases that are published independently by various Faculties/Graduate schools of the University of Tokyo, to enable cross-searching.

  • If you have questions about the content of the data, please ask the contact information of the content source.
    In particular, please refer to the respective contact information if you have any questions about the conditions for secondary usage of images and the procedures.
  • If you have any questions or problems with the portal itself, or if the contact information for the content source is unknown, please send your inquiries from the “Contact” page. Please let us know if you have used the data on this Portal, or if you know any applications.

UTokyo Digital Archive Portal

The University of Tokyo supports the digitization of academic assets owned by the University and promotes their disclosure and data application through the “UTokyo Digital Archives Project,” which is led by the University Library, the University Museum, the University of Tokyo Archives, and the Information Technology Center. As part of these efforts, the University has also worked to develop a system that allows searches through not only the digitized materials by the Project but also valuable collections that have been independently made public by the various faculties, graduate schools or research institutes of the university. These efforts resulted in the release of the “UTokyo Academic Archives Portal” in June 2019 and renewed as the "UTokyo Digital Archive Portal" in May 2024.