About Searching

About Searching

  • Perform a search by entering keywords in the search window on the top page.
    A search is performed taking into consideration all the metadata elements.
  • If a search is performed without entering any keyword, all the items (one by one) will be displayed.
  • “Advanced Search” enables search by specifying the “Title,” “Creator,” “Publisher,” or “Collection.” Select "Collection" from the pull-down menu.

When entering keywords

About the Facet items (Narrowed-down search)

  • Search results can be narrowed down by the following elements: "Collection"; "Type"; "Media"; "Rights"; "Metadata Rights"; "Year"; "Faculty/Graduate school"; "Data Provider"; and "Original Owner."
  • Place a check mark in the box at the head of each element to narrow down the search results. (Remove the check mark to cancel it.)
  • "Year" refers to the year of publication, the year of transcription, and other data that are mechanically converted to Christian years to the extent possible. (Items that do not have a publication year, etc. are not assigned this element.)


  • The "Application" page introduces applications of data provided in the Portal (web services, etc.) as trial cases.
  • A page is available that presents the data visualization software developed by New York Public Library, and graphs of the number of keyword appearances by year. Also note that you can move from the page to each item.