■ Kamei Collection Number
Serial number of works in the Kamei Collection, generally the same no. as in the Firmin-Didot version, of which duplication and omissions were modified by Koreaki Kamei. 

■ Calcografia volume number
Cited from Opere in the Kamei Collection. The concordance list between the composition of the Kamei Collection and Carlo A. Petrucci, Catalogo generale delle stampe tratte dai rami incisi posseduti dalla Calcografia Nazionale, Rome, 1953 (in the following, "Calcografia") is mentioned below:

Calcografia Kamei Collection
Tomo I.-IV. Vol.1-4
Tomo V. Vol.5
Tomo VI. Vol.6
Tomo VII. Vol.7
Tomo VIII. Vol.8
Tomo IX. Vol.9
Tomo X. Vol.10
Tomo XI. Vol.11
Tomo XII. Vol.12
Tomo XIII. Vol.13
Tomo XIV. Vol.14
Tomo XV. Vol.15
Tomo XVI. Vol.16
Tomo XVII. Vol.17
Tomo XVIII. Vol.18
Tomo XIX. Vol.19
Tomo XX. Vol.20
Tomo XXI. Vol.21
Tomo XXII. Vol.22
Tomo XXIII. Vol.23
Tomo XXIV. Vol.24, Vol.25, Vol.26
Tomo XXV. Vol.27
Tomo XXVI. Vol.28
Tomo XXVII. Vol.29


■ Plate
Page number on volumes of Opere. An alphabet following the page number indicates the constellation of the print in a plate as follows:
(On left binding)

a b
c d
a b
c d
e f
b c
(On top binding)
a b c
d e f


■ Opera
Opera consists of some series. In Opere, the corpus of "LE ANTICHITÀ ROMANE" consists of four volumes of vol. 1 - 4.

■ Series
The title of series is cited from Calcografia.

■ Part
The name of part is cited from Calcografia.

■ Part Number
Serial number in the series is etched on the plate usually in a Roman numeral, occasionally in an Arabic one.

■ The title of the work
The title of the work is cited from Calcografia.

■ Author
Author name is noted in his native language.

■ Size
Image size except for the part of the caption on a work (the length X the width: mm). When there are only texts on a plate, the plate size.

■ Reference no. on Latin inscriptions
Numbers of bibliographical references of existing historical Latin inscriptions that are depicted on the etching.

・CIL = Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, consilio et auctoritate Accademiae litterarum regiae Borussicae editum, Berlin, 1863-
  I = Inscriptiones Latinae antiquissimae ad C. Caesaris mortum
  I2 = Inscriptiones Latinae antiquissimae ad C. Caesaris mortum. Editio altera
  V = Inscriptiones Galliae Cisalpinae Latinae
  VI = Inscriptiones urbis Romae Latinae
  IX = Inscriptiones Calabriae Apuliae Samnii Sabinorum Picenni Latinae
  X = Inscriptiones Bruttiorum, Lucaniae, Campaniae, Siciliae, Sardiniae Latinae
  XI = Inscriptiones Aemiliae, Etruriae, Umbriae Latinae
  XIV = Inscriptiones Latii veteris Latinae
  XV = Inscriptiones urbis Romae Latinae. Instrumentum domesticum

・ILS = H. Dessau, ed., Inscriptiones Latinae Selectae, 5 vols, Berlin, 1892-1916

・Imag = G. L. Gregori, ed., Supplementa Italica - Imagines: Supplementi fotografici ai volumi del CIL:Roma (CIL, VI) I: Musei Capitolini, Roma, 1999

・ROL = E. H. Warmington, Remains of Old Latin, vol. 4: Archaic Inscriptions, (Loeb Classical Library), London, 1940

・PIR2 = E. Groag, A. Stein et al., eds., Prosopographia Imperii Romani saec. I, II, III.Editio altera, Berlin, 1933-

・AE = L'Année épigraphique, 1888-

・InscrIt = Inscriptiones Italiae, Roma, 1931-
 InscrIt. 4. 1: Tibur = I. Mancini (ed.), 19522

・ILLRP = A. Degrassi, Inscriptiones Latinae liberae rei publicae, 2 vols, Firenze 1957-1963.

 ・V. Kockel = V. Kockel, Die Grabbauten vor dem Herkulaner Tor in Pompeji, Mainz am Rhein 1983.

■ Complete catalogue no.
・F. Didot = Serial number on a plate of Opere etched by Firmin-Didot.

・Calcografia = Carlo A. Petrucci, Catalogo generale delle stampe tratte dai rami incisi posseduti dalla Calcografia Nazionale, Roma, 1953. When Calcografia indicates a serial number in the series, also "tav. -" is shown.

・H. Focillon = Henri Focillon, Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Essai de catalogue raisoneé de son oeuvre, Paris, 1918

・J. W. Ely = John Wilton Ely, Giovanni Battista Piranesi: The Complete Etchings, San Francisco, 1994. Plates of different states from those of J. Wilton-Ely have "*" (an asterisk) mark. Regarding to plates by other artists, which are not illustrated and only given unnumbered text entries by J. Wilton-Ely, "[]" (a square bracket) mark show the page of the description in J. Wilton-Ely.

・Taschen = Luigi Ficacci, PIRANESI The Complete Etchings, Köln, 2000

■ Exhibition catalogue no.
Kanagawa = The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1977
Machida = Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Machida, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1989

■ Original textual captions etched onto the plate
Original textual captions are described literally including omitted letters or misprints.